Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Understanding Church Leadership in such a time as this!

I have to Blow the Horn. Attention children of God! For about 2 month I've been taken online Bible Classes. (FREE) at Christian Courses. My knowledge of the Bible and God’s plan for me has empower me to get understand.

I thank God for CC. Online Bible Study it’s the Answered prayer I needed to encourage and build leadership in me Today.

In such a time as this nobody got time train, just teaching. Our conflict is time, “train up” a child (children of God) in the way he/she should go that’s Bible.

Why are we Mismanaging the understanding of time. The world understand that time is money and money is time, Right! We must take accountability for mismanagement of God Word’s and God people time too. It comes for using the wrong tool for the job.  

First, we must stop re-inventing God presents. God is Love and love is God, Correct. If we love someone we will sacrifice for the other person. That is just part of leadership. Church Up!

By looking under our nose at what has already been inspired by God through other to write, create and build.

Leadership is Leadership or also called Servant-hood for life. (A Death Sentence_You can’t run)

We must find ways to get understanding to God’s Children regardless the offensives darts of the devil that will come our ways.

I believe in our churches today there is a plague that is has manifested itself in believer, Accountability. (There is a lack of it because nobody got the time to train) Do you understand the cost to train is expensive and I'm not talking money. It’s our time, leadership!

Now one is being train in the area of Accountability. (It’s some top secret place that only actors (cliques,$ and race) of life can go.)  In my 40 year without my physical father in my life, I had to learn process and procedure in order to get knowledge and understand. At the cost of almost wanting to commit suicide (16 yrs ago) because the world  taught me to please man not God.

I’m Accountable to God, NOW, not man! This has empowerment me to be me, and if I'm not like by some,O.K. I’ve  find my Identity in Knowing I need God. Now, It’s OK to be hated, lied, & talked about because my relationship with loving Father is Bigger then what man can do. Jesus is the door that I had to walk through in order to see God’s Kingdom on earth as it will be in Heaven. Man can not do that for me:(

We must not only teach, preach but “Train UP” leadership in a deeper thing of God. The question, are we will to pay the cost to do the greater works?

Now, here is where my rubber meet the rode. Why do all churches teach the basic all different? Leadership of all church should be able to take from the wealth of the one God inspire works of the past and make a standard.(One teaching of Unity and Wholeness) Hold new believer accountable to commit to learning and studying the word of God in order to goto the the next level Church Leadership. Universal Online Leadership courses for all church want to find our who is called by God to be more for the kingdom. (FREE)

We must stop just waiting for someone to come to our church with the kingdom look and talk hoping they are called by God to be the answer prayer for church growth.
True growth comes from a heart of a believer in God.  It takes “Train UP”! The only sacrifice needed is “Leadership Time (which most do not have the time to go through the basic and deal with the there issue of new believers life). Without Compassion Leadership for God sheep (children) most Church are doomed to pray, live, dream and be in lack. God does not want that from His Kingdom Kids. We are God Children Holy and set aside for his purpose on earth.

Let’s learn how to “Think again” and that is what the word God trains us up to do. We must not try to re-invent the wheel. Only change it RIMS.

I pray that this God inspire latter get to those God wants to blow the trumpet on the Truth.  It time to stop not giving a Dam, and be about our father business. And that’s the Great Commission, making Disciples.

The harvest is truly rip but the labors are few. And I hope God has inspired me to point at one of many causes that is keep the Kingdom from having total Dominion in our Christian Life.

Let KEEP IT SIMPLE SAINTS in such a time as this. God children are cry out for help and they need the Hand (God Anointed Leadership) of God to touch and change their lives. Now!