Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be Angry!

Psalm 4:4-5 (AMP)
4) Be angry [or stand in awe] and sin not; commune with your own hearts upon your beds and be silent (sorry for the things you say in your hearts). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
5)Offer just and right sacrifices; trust (lean on and be confident) in the Lord.

Here is a scripture that say it ok to feel and be angry, but it also say
that we must not let our anger to cause us to sin. This is the first scripture
that exposes the true understanding of Angry. I cannot stand it, when
others in the faith try to be God in one life and tell you that you
cannot be angry.
Now, Really!

Anger- a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a
wrong; wrath. (dictionary.com)

Anger is not a bad feeling unless we allow it to hurt ourselves and
others. (Sometimes it's an opportunity for higher learning with Jesus). And with the help of the Holy Spirit we are able to do
James 1. Count it all joy when we go through something hard and we want
to quit. God tells us in doing so we will prosper in Character because of
our faithfulness and obedience to God's Word.
I want to encourage God's Children to be strong and of good courage for
God understand your frustration which if not contained will manifest in to angry.
I'm here to tell you this, it's the devil and his homies try to destroy
you from hearing God. So run from the traps that so easily entrap us.
Run to God Abba Father, He understand so much that he give his best
(((JESUS))) in order for you and Me to know his good and perfect will for
our lives.

I want you to know it's OK to be Angry. But remember "SIN NOT!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Manna 4 Today 11122010-

11122010- Manna 4 Today

How to be feared and reverenced is this place! This is none other than
the house of God, and this is the gateway to heaven! (Genesis 28:17,
AMP).God is alive in your heart. When you allow Him access to every part of
your heart, you will find His soothing love and presence everywhere. Creflodollarminitries.org

Genesis 28:16-19 (Amplified Bible)16 And Jacob awoke from his sleep and he said, Surely the Lord is in this
place and I did not know it. 17 He was afraid and said, How to be feared and reverenced is this place!
This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gateway to
heaven! 18 And Jacob rose early in the morning and took the stone he had put
under his head, and he set it up for a pillar (a monument to the vision
in his dream), and he poured oil on its top [in dedication]. 19 And he named that place Bethel [the house of God]; but the name of
that city was Luz at first.

Verses 16-19 God manifested himself and his favour, to Jacob, when he was asleep. The
Spirit, like the wind, blows when and where it listeth, and God's grace,
like the dew, tarrieth not for the sons of men. Jacob sought to improve
the visit God had made him. Wherever we are, in the city or in the
desert, in the house or in the field, in the shop or in the street, we
may keep up our intercourse with Heaven, if it is not our own fault. But
the more we see of God, the more cause we see for holy trembling before