Thursday, January 21, 2010

The All Pro Dad Playbook


The All-Pro Dad Playbook


1. Spend time with your children-Value their interests and their schedules.

2. Earn the right to be heard-Listen first. Listen for how they feel. Listen for what makes them smile.

3. Discipline with a gentle spirit-Be aware (know what happened). Be alarmed (admit it bothers you). Be accepting (solve the problem but save the person).

4. Be a role model-Display humility, integrity and patience.

5. Teach the lessons of life-You are their teacher, their mentor and their guide.

6. Eat together as a family-Eat a weekly family meal, have a monthly family celebration and take a yearly family outing.

7. Respect your children's mother-Respect her with words. Respect her with time. Respect her with agreement.

8. Read to your children-Read a book. Read from a magazine. Read from the Internet.

9. Show affection and appreciation-Show them their strengths. Show them unconditional love.

10. Realize a father's job is never done-Let them hear your voice, for life. Let them have access to you, for any need. Let them feel unconditional love, forever.  

By Chad Bonham, contributing editor to New Man.



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